Augmented Reality Truck In Driveway


Sizzle has teams at The Illusion Factory  to build these augmented reality experiences and games quickly for you. Here’s what you’ll need.



1. Selling an item in Sizzle, or drawing attention on Sizzle for data capture

2. Selling an item on your website, or driving traffic to your website for data capture

3. Selling an item at a physical location

4. Launching a poll or survey

5. Launching a Sizzle Spin or Floating Augmented Reality Game

6. Launching a video

7. Launching a VR 360º tour

8. Delivering a PDF electronic print document

9. Delivering an HTML5 interactive experience

10. Delivering contact information

11. Causing the user to call a phone number

12. Causing the user to text a phone number

13. Delivering an Augmented Reality Television experience

14. Launching a viral game concept

15. Regionalizing an offer to where a consumer is currently standing

16. Interacting with Sizzle for a chance to receive an offer or a prize

17. Creating a viral social media experience or augmented reality public relations stunt

18. Create interactive models that enable feature changes, scaling size, and deeper consumer engagement

19. Create an augmented reality treasure hunt that drives traffic to locations of your choosing

20. Create a location-specific augmented reality entertainment experience

Sizzle Can Deliver Millions Of Augmented Reality Experiences

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Producing an augmented reality offer in Sizzle creates a compelling new opportunity for consumer interaction.

Here’s what you’ll need…


1. iPhone format: USDZ or DAE files

2. Android format: OBJ file



1. Photos to represent each item. 6 photos max for each item. Format: 1000 x 1000 px RGB JPEG

2. Video to represent each offer or prize. (optional) 1 video max Format: mp4, 600 bit rate (kbps) Codec: H.264

3. Description of each offer or prize

4. Shipping costs for each offer. Prizes must ship at your expense or be redeemed at a location of your choice.

5. Time limitation for each offer or prize

6. Quantity limits on offers and prizes to be distributed



1. In Sizzle Shop: Product must be inserted into the Sizzle Shop. Please review Sizzle Shop requirements.

2. Your website, Shopify or other website: Specific URL for redemption. Sizzle will provide a tracking pixel for insert into your site.

3. Physical Location: Address and time of operation.

4. Specific instructions for redemption.

5. Choice of 4 digit PIN for prize validation.

Sizzle Delivers Augmented Reality Games