• General Objectives


    Acquire Data And Analytics On Your Customer’s Interests Outside Of Their Experience With Your Brand Add Emotional Value To Collector Or Souvenir Merchandise By Adding A Unique Augmented Reality Experience That Triggers From This Merchandise Add Multilingual Interactions To

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  • Virtual Reality


    Crossover Virtual Reality Experiences into Sizzle offers Increase the ROI for your virtual reality advertisers Sizzle paired with VR models, deliver consumers to themed environments to stimulate their gaming and purchasing opportunities Use Sizzle augmented reality experiences to drive

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  • Viral/Social Sharing


    Attach a game or contest to your out of home, print, broadcast or social media advertising that spreads virally Create a mouth-watering, interactive augmented reality menu Create offers tied to games that compel the user to want to share

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  • Tradeshows And Business To Business


    Add prizing or awards to your tradeshow experience Create immersive shopping experiences by building a themed shopping environment in augmented reality or virtual reality Deliver paid, serialized content, such as instructional videos using the Sizzle pay wall Deliver targeted,

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  • Theatrical Film Distribution


    Add augmented reality outcomes to promotional content to further engage an audience and expand awareness of a film Add Easter eggs to your trailer to give the fans extra experiences to anticipate Add emotional value to collector or souvenir

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  • Streaming Videos And YouTube Videos


    Sell different products on a YouTube timeline, such as purchasing items when a model walks down the ramp in a fashion show Add substantial new monetization potential of all active YouTube libraries Deliver a game or contest in YouTube

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  • Sports


    A family portrait, paired with dynamic, animated characters lends a touch of humor and excitement that will keep people playing with the countless promotions that the Sizzle Expression Engine™ is capable of delivering. All radio and television broadcasts are

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  • Sizzle Robotics Interface


    Use Sizzle robotic interface for direct connection to robots in all verticals of use and implementation

  • SDKs Software Development Kit


    Sizzle provides options for installing all or part of the Sizzle tool suite into your app in both a branded and a white label application Expand the experiences and monetization of your current app by installing all or part

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  • Sales


    Create immersive shopping experiences by building shopping experiences in augmented reality or virtual reality Drive tourism purchases from printed collateral by connecting virtual reality tours, videos, 360º videos and instant purchases to the magazine ad or location poster Open

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