• Sell different products on a YouTube timeline, such as purchasing items when a model walks down the ramp in a fashion show
  • Add substantial new monetization potential of all active YouTube libraries
  • Deliver a game or contest in YouTube
  • Deliver a poll, survey, quiz or test in YouTube
  • Deliver serialized content such as instructional demonstrations using a Sizzle pay wall and host inside Sizzle
  • Generate “create your own interactive adventures” in YouTube
  • Generate sales of games and downloads of apps by encoding your videos in Sizzle
  • Hunts for clues with Easter eggs are easily programmable in Sizzle to create CyberHunts
  • Increase your YouTube views
  • Make your streaming programming impulsively actionable, interactive and transactional
  • Make your streaming service interactive and transactional
  • Sell your own products or related products from your YouTube videos
  • Turn instructional videos into tests that may be implemented for monitored outcome of any kind

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