Earring Addict Branded Sizzle Store Front


Sizzle has teams at The Illusion Factory to build the store quickly for you. Here’s what you’ll need. Many of these items may be found on your website:

Sizzle users have a credit card saved inside Sizzle. This enables them to make a faster and more efficient purchase inside Sizzle. Selling products on your own website, will require Sizzle users to enter credit card information and may lead to a substantially reduced take rate for your offers.


1. Photos to represent each item. 6 photos max for each item. Format: 1000 x 1000 px RGB JPEG

2. Video to represent each item. (optional) 1 video max Format: mp4, 600 bit rate (kbps) Codec: H.264

3. Store Banner 1200 x 250 px RGB JPEG

4. Company logo format: 1000 x 1000 px RGB JPEG

Please provide an Excel File with the following columns of information clearly spelled out for import directly into Sizzle:

5. Description of each item

6. Product Subcategories for each item: size, color, etc.

7. SKU of each item

8. Shipping costs (if any) for each item

9. Shipping time for each item

10. Time limitation (if any) for each item

11. Quantity limitations (if any) on each item

12. Store categories to be listed in for each item

13. Metatags for each item for search

14. Total inventory quantity for each item

15. Discounts that you may wish to offer

16. Items you would like to include in a Sizzle Spin game as prizes or offers

17. Specific Sizzle promotions that you may wish to utilize

18. Suggested retail price

19. Actual price

20. Return policy



1. Your company name, address, city, state, country, and customer service phone number.

2. Key contact from your company

3. Customer service key contact from your company

4. Financially responsible contact from your company

5. Federal TIN and State ID#

6. FOB location

7. States where your business has a physical presence or an employee presence for determination of sales tax nexus obligations

8. Return Policies

9. Any blacked out states or countries that you will not service

10. Either Sizzle charges consumers on your behalf, or you open an account at MPX (please inquire for merchant application)

Earring Addict Branded Sizzle Store Front

Send us a note when you are ready!