• Posters are promotional / transactional

    PURPOSE Increase consumer awareness and engagement. Stimulate sales of tickets, merchandise and advance sales of concessions. Increase peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Point the phone at any Sizzle-enabled artwork to instantly access any form of content: Play a trailer, then sell tickets No unsightly QR code required Deliver digital swag Show progressive roll outs of […]

  • Quick! Send a pic of something yellow!

    Want to win a yellow Camaro like Bumblebee? Quick…You have 30 seconds to shoot a picture of something yellow and send to us for your chance to win. PURPOSE Create a game that requires staying on top of regular announcements that lead to the winning of something amazing. Creates continual user tune in, awareness, top […]

  • Retina tracking and expression recognition

    PURPOSE Sizzle incorporates both expression recognition as well as retina tracking for a host of useful purposes in market research, gaming and consumer engagement. CONCEPTS Expression recognition. Sizzle can differentiate between many expressions, winks, blinks, kisses, and hand gestures/waves. These  are valuable for opt in market research projects. When an agreeing user is looking at […]

  • Scanned merchandise become portals

    PURPOSE Increase the value and ROI of branded specialty merchandise promotions. Deliver the user into a new portal of experiences, opportunities and transactional gaming options. Generates activation, engagement, customer loyalty, repeated brand impressions and long term interaction and market research. CONCEPT Scan specialty merchandise with Sizzle and unlock a portal of options and opportunities. Sizzle […]

  • Sizzle Offer Engine easily programs these opportunities

    The Sizzle Offer Engine™ is designed to facilitate the programming of all of the offers, games, experiences, augmented reality, virtual reality and business systems in the Sizzle platform.   • Campaigns are created inside the Sizzle Offer Engine™ • Video hotspots are programmed on timeline to trigger offers, games, quizzes, polls, AR experiences and more. […]

  • Sizzle prize selection starts every game

    PURPOSE Allowing consumers to pick from a series of prizes in a prize pool creates market research that is matched with the Sizzle artificial intelligence to enable the Sizzle Offer Engine to offer discounts on items that are a good fit with the tastes and interests of the user. Provides brand exposure, product exposure, peer […]

  • Suite of sweets

    PURPOSE Create habit forming behavior by conditioning users to connect with the treats of their liking on a daily basis. Brand awareness, product sales, social sharing and volume increases in purchases are all benefits of this game. CONCEPT One of these desserts is free, the others provide discounts. Try it daily! One of the products […]

  • Sweepstakes are made for sharing

    PURPOSE Stimulate users to check in daily with a brand and play that brand’s game. CONCEPT In Sizzle, our consumers will be able to visit brand pages on a daily basis, and each day they will secure ticket(s) for their entry into a cash sweepstakes. No purchase is required to get the free entry tickets […]

  • Triple Match slot machines

    PURPOSE Sizzle Triple Match Slots is founded on the same principle that built the Las Vegas strip…. a click of a button, followed by the anticipation of what will I win? When 3 matching products appear, the delivery of either a prize (totally free, no charge for shipping) or a discount of any kind. CONCEPTS […]