Games entice consumers to engage and communicate more than other promotional concepts.

Sizzle is a marketing disruptor

Sizzle games revolutionize brand advertising campaigns by making them viral and transactional

  • A branded game on Sizzle delivers continuous brand impressions
  • As the consumer chooses the prizes that they want to play for, you are garnering data
  • Sizzle Shots provides head to head competition that drives viral brand impressions and positive brand association
  • Generate incentives to purchase
  • Motivate social media sharing and increase K-factor
  • Generate repeat engagements
  • Themed games, restricted ages and timed replay options
  • Prizes are distributed at any predetermined frequency 
  • Dashboard monitoring of prizes and offers
  • Attach a branded game or contest to your out-of-home, print, broadcast or social media advertising and allow it to spread virally
  • Create branded games that are only unlocked by visiting one of your locations

Branded sports games deliver continuous brand impressions paired with very positive experiences. These games may be insured to deliver prizes of over $1 million dollars. Consumers are able to invite their friends to play and spread your brand message through viral sharing experiences.

Floating menus in Sizzle’s Augmented Reality system enables you to post enticing drinks, desserts, appetizers and entrees ready to order. It’s a fun and useful way for your guests to order from a remote menu anywhere on your property. This is also shareable on social media.

A hand/eye coordination game leverages celebrity combatants, enabling consumers to play competitive sports-themed games. Sizzle can create countless games using augmented reality characters for viral consumer engagement.

Sizzle Shopper

Sizzle provides four items and four price tags that you have to match. If successful, you advance to the next level. There are many levels and many products. Sizzle can insert your brand, experiences or services into this game, or build one specifically around your merchandise.

Dialing for Dollars

Give your brand a consumer lottery-like following. Millions of dollars can be insured against in this magic formula game where consumers can dial their choice of any phone number and if it happens to be the winner of the experience, the consumer could win $1 million

Augmented Reality treasure hunts with many unique features and opportunities to drive traffic through predictable locations across a property. Generates repeat patronage, viral spreading, increased consumer engagement and satisfaction.

Insured promotions and games allow you to offer a large prize, risk-free, for a premium that is a fraction of the prize value (in situations where the prize is not guaranteed). Promotional insurance from Specialty Group, a member of Tokio Marine HCC, helps protect your company from risks. 

There are hundreds of games possible in Sizzle.​

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