Increase in-person attendance and foot traffic, by geofencing an offer within your location.

Streaming content in Sizzle brings you countless benefits

Use GPS to deliver narrow targeted, geo selected offers

Deliver offers only to attendees within the convention hall, and removes the costs of shipping product to and from a convention by converting the show sales digitally and shipped for convenience to the customer’s location of choice.

Location-based games for the attending fans can be available in stadiums, conference centers, malls, airports, campuses and more!

Contests during a live event can be used to capitalize on the emotion of being in the stadium, to sell merchandise and also initiate interaction with the fans, even after the event!

Cross brand promotions

Drive audiences to retail locations for interaction. GPS-based offers are targeted to specific locations and paired to Sizzle search to drive increased sales of cross promoted brands using special narrow-targeted promotions

Localized entertainment promotions triggered by GPS, immediately provide nearby offers and opportunities.

Geo flags can draw customers easily to your location. Flag your location for consumers to pick out of a crowd with GPS digital flags

Then and now city tours. Use GPS to position city tours featuring Then and Now experiences, or deliver tourists on a fashion, food, architecture or other themed tours.

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