Sizzle recognizes and reads almost all existing print media without use of unsightly QR codes

Sizzle is a marketing disruptor

Instantly convert your logo, packaging, advertising, souvenirs and clothing into new portals of communication with customers.

  • Scan an item with Sizzle to release countless possibilities for advertising, marketing, fan appreciation, and more.
  • Use Sizzle as a platform for cross-brand marketing to leverage each brand’s audience into a potential sale.
  • Create customer appreciation and loyalty by pairing the right game, AR experience, special video content and other benefits with your existing merchandise and promotional materials.
  • Convert printed collateral into a cash register by pairing emotional video content with your logo, to generate customer donations.
  • Leverage the viral intrigue of the Sizzle scan with your promotional content to empower your supporters to have something new and exciting to share with others.


Convert your print advertisements into instant sales by pairing them with videos that really sell your product or experience and then delivers the consumer to an instant emotionally-driven purchase.

Printed brochures and direct response advertisements convert into instant sales.

Vacation tour rack cards can be scanned to deliver an exciting video that drives an instant booking.

Logos become instant gateways to a portal of experiences that the customer will opt to engage with on a daily basis, if promoted properly.

Posters and signage

Scan a poster and instantly watch the trailer. Then Sizzle uses GPS and connects the consumer to the nearest theater playing that film so they may purchase tickets.

Bus shelters deliver trailers, tokens to watch a new series, and discounts on the products being promoted, leading to instant sales. 

Billboards provide new interactivity, instant transactions, conversions and downloads.

Bus advertising catches the eye. Pair it with a Sizzle campaign to convert impressions into conversions.

Museum, aquarium and zoo exhibits

Bring museums, aquariums and other exhibits to life with supplemental content provided in any or all of the media that Sizzle supports.

Packaging, when scanned by Sizzle delivers product information in multiple languages and/or video.

Photos can trigger a special video for enjoyment, to stimulate a transaction or both.

Souvenir item created by converting your existing packaging into must-have souvenirs by connecting collectible AR performances to the package.

Clothing or products come to life when the consumer scans it in selfie-mode. AR characters from the branded garment appear and interact with the consumer.

What does all this innovation cost?

All these vary by plans.

See what suits you best.

Ignite your brand.

Have fun converting users into fans of your brand.

Still not sure?

Let us know what you have in mind.

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