Sizzle exponentially expands your YouTube® and streaming opportunities.

  • Makes all videos instantly transactional
  • Gamification creates viral content
  • Increases consumer engagement and generates market research
  • Grows brand loyalty
  • Inserts polls, surveys, pay walls, tests, quizzes and contests
  • Inserts a pay wall before your video content

Streaming content in Sizzle brings you countless benefits

Create your own adventure games

Sizzle converts YouTube® into a create your own adventure game programming system. At the end of every video you may insert link options to numerous other videos, so that each video could have an outcome of 2 or more different choices for your audience to go to, depending upon which outcome of the last video they opted for.

Bringing other streaming services into Sizzle

Sizzle is a versatile platform that is made to pair with other streaming or viewing libraries. Add your library of content into Sizzle for interactive, transactional and gamified experiences. Sizzle is equipped to import streaming media from many sources.

Hot Spots

Draw attention to your brand by demanding that they ignore it! Sizzle YouTube offers a retina scan game that knows with about 85% accuracy where the user’s eyes are looking at all times. Dare the consumer to ignore your brand and watch how quickly they pay attention!

Hot spots in YouTube® game takes your company logo, and makes it appear/disappear randomly as a tiny icon on your video to create a hand/eye coordination game. If the viewer hits 6 out of 10 appearances, they win one prize, if they get all 10 in one pass of the video, they win a substantial prize. This increases numbers of views, which earns you increased number of preroll advertisements inside YouTube®.

Put your media behind a Sizzle pay wall with transactional capabilities

Televise your fashion show and make it instantly transactional. Enable your audience to purchase the outfits right as the model walks the runway. Now every video in Sizzle comes with a cash register at your disposal.

Programming of content

Leverage the interactive Sizzle video platform to insert questions into your videos to generate market surveys and research.

What does all this innovation cost?

All these vary by plans.

See what suits you best.

Ignite your brand.

Have fun converting users into fans of your brand.

Still not sure?

Let us know what you have in mind.

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