• Play-at-home games, votes and interaction

    PURPOSE Use a play along game to activate the consumer audience to connect to the broadcaster and make a new digital connection. This facilitates offers, games, alerts, augmented reality experiences and more for the broadcaster to use to deepen that consumer relationship. Engage users by involving them in the broadcast, stimulate them to return daily […]

  • Reestablish broadcast as appointment TV

    PURPOSE Drive an audience to a specific broadcast on a television network. Create audience activation, engagement and home participation using Sizzle interactive systems. CONCEPTS Create an instant award to the consumer for tuning into the broadcast. Give the consumer a chance to play a round of clues on the app, and if all correct, the […]

  • Sizzle Hot Spots create many game options

    YouTube videos are programmed inside the Sizzle Offer Engine to deliver a purchase opportunity, an AR experience, VR experience, game, prize, puzzle, contest, survey, sweepstakes and more. PURPOSE Sizzle provides a unique hand/eye coordination game for entertainment properties to drive continued brand engagement. CONCEPT A show, commercial, music video or other video program can use […]

  • Sizzle Offer Engine easily programs these opportunities

    The Sizzle Offer Engine™ is designed to facilitate the programming of all of the offers, games, experiences, augmented reality, virtual reality and business systems in the Sizzle platform.   • Campaigns are created inside the Sizzle Offer Engine™ • Video hotspots are programmed on timeline to trigger offers, games, quizzes, polls, AR experiences and more. […]

  • The Voice Trigger

    PURPOSE Leverage a celebrity augmented reality performance in partnership with a brand to create a consumer need to purchase a specific package that will trigger the augmented performance. Generates sales, awareness, peer to peer sharing, social media sharing and distributes discounts and prizes to end users building brand loyalty and consumer engagement. CONCEPT Point your […]

  • Time delivers when emotion is strongest

    PURPOSE Time offers can be developed into a live game that can be played against predictive entertainment experiences like award shows, sporting events, elections and other. Use time to your brand’s advantage. Sizzle can deliver offers in very short windows of time. Whether a championship has been determined, or even when the home team has […]