• Business cards come to life

    PURPOSE A business card is your front door. Turn the business card into a marker that makes the very best impression, thereby increasing sales, garnering consumer activation, engagement and peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Scanned business cards can deliver: A hologram presentation Hand/eye coordination games Product/service/experience sales Voting/polling Market research Add information to contacts in […]

  • Business contact sharing

    PURPOSE Instantly swap business contact information in both virtual and physical meetings. Accurate information may be scanned from a business card, or the custom coded Sizzle bolt in the user’s profile. It may easily be transmitted as a file that will export to most address books. CONCEPT Revolutionize the business card by eliminating it entirely. […]

  • Custom games to introduce products

    PURPOSE All of the games in Sizzle are designed as pull advertising. Use your products, services and experiences as the playing pieces in a Sizzle game and allow potential customers to discover some of your products by playing a game and choosing between them as both prizes and discounted offers. Sizzle has several stock games, […]

  • Dialing For Dollars

    PURPOSE Create a daily lottery that users can pick their numbers for a free chance to win. Drives positive brand association, brand awareness, consumer loyalty, peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Users log in and play once per day. They enter what they think their secret phone number would be (X) XXX-XXX-XXXX  If they guess the […]

  • Donut hole flick

    PURPOSE Shine a spotlight on Dunkin’ donut holes as a featured product and use them in a fun, new augmented reality game. CONCEPT Users must flick donut holes into the mouths of their friend. This multiplayer game allows each player to take turns and see how many they can launch into their friend’s mouth in […]

  • Engage viewers through dynamic and actionable videos

    PURPOSE Leverage entertainment content to deliver trivia competitions using video clips and Sizzle Hot Spots to make a new and exciting form of trivia interactivity. CONCEPTS In this version of Cinemental Journey™, users are able to watch clips and interact directly with the movie clip to make the trivia game more interactive and experiential. Users […]

  • Extensive AI powered data and analytics

    PURPOSE Data is highly confidential in Sizzle. It is gathered to enable Sizzle to better deliver pertinent, relevant and desired content to our users. Sizzle’s data belongs only to the merchant who brought a user into Sizzle, as it was their customer, fan or user prior to them asking that user to download Sizzle and […]

  • Floating bottles lead to prizes

    PURPOSE Facilitate a user to engage in a promotion inside of a stadium or watching at home, and share that experience on social media. CONCEPTS User points the camera at the stadium field and sees about 20 floating products in augmented reality. One of the contains a prize, the others, a discount. User is able […]

  • Generate alerts and appointment notifications

    PURPOSE Brand to consumer alert system to help consumer to take advantage of opportunities inside Sizzle, appointments within a virtual or physical trade show, or any game or AR experience that is launching. Generates user interest, engagement, repeat patronage and brand loyalty. CONCEPT The alert system in Sizzle enables virtual trade shows to allow each […]

  • GPS location-based offers

    PURPOSE Increase customer activation and engagement. Drive increased sales of cross promoted refreshments and merchandise using special promotions delivered only to audience members inside the event. Increase market research and extend ongoing communication with fans beyond the time limits of the event. CONCEPT Location-based offers are available in stadiums, conference centers, malls, airports, campuses and […]