• #IWantToWin

    PURPOSE 3D Holograms can be used to promote vehicles of any kind by creating a unique promotion that allows consumers to announce their interest in owning a specific vehicle, and promoting that desire across social media to generate substantial organic impressions. CONCEPT Vehicle manufacturers can use Sizzle to enable a consumer to point their phone […]

  • AR food menus – memorable engagement

    PURPOSE An augmented reality menu system allows a user to make choices in food or beverage experiences, participate in games with chances to win prizes and discounts, or to use designer food to promote an establishment in various social media by making the food an augmented experience that can be viewed, recorded and shared. CONCEPT […]

  • Download content directly from video or TV

    PURPOSE Utilize Sizzle as the hyperlink that takes valuable downloadable content that is available from a broadcast program or a streaming service and enable that content to be instantly downloaded without searching for links outside of the viewing experience. Generates downloads, sales, consumer interactions, market research, engagement and appreciation. CONCEPT Use the Sizzle interactive button […]

  • Incremental quizzes and tests

    PURPOSE Create a transactional learning system that enables content producer to put their content behind a pay wall, sell merchandise from that content, and put tests and quizzes throughout the content to interact with students as they work their way through the video lessons. CONCEPT Use the hot spots in Sizzle videos to program test […]

  • Interactive features for live streaming

    PURPOSE Create more dynamic and engaging forms of remote performances, streamed experiences and consumer interactions to service the current remote working/living circumstances. Generates consumer activation and engagement, peer to peer sharing, social media sharing, as well as sponsor brand association. CONCEPT Provide a new and deeper fan interactivity paired with live streaming events. Leverage the […]

  • Interior design vision system

    PURPOSE A sales tool that enables the user to take a selection of photos and pair them with different frames and put them up on the wall to determine which ones they wish to purchase. This same platform in Sizzle can put furniture, paintings, sculpture, mirrors and accessories in a consumer’s home for them to […]

  • Live event light show integrations

    PURPOSE Generate significant consumer activation and engagement by making them part of the show. Consumer involvement increases satisfaction, and causes large social media sharing, peer to peer sharing. When paired with discounts and prizes, it promotes sales in stadium, online or in neighboring retail sponsored locations. CONCEPT Sizzle is readily connected to the lighting board […]

  • Sizzle Concierge presents: Sizzle Reels

    PURPOSE Leverage the Sizzle Concierge directory of Sizzle Reels within the Watch section of Sizzle to access a growing audience who has been trained to find all of the tours, excursions, fashion shows, wineries, concerts, zoos, aquariums and more. Generate interest and create transactions, reservations and inquiries from your Sizzle Reel. CONCEPT Sizzle Reels are […]

  • Sizzle is the place to debut Sizzle Reels

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI of producing celebrity themed brand endorsement videos by making a special Sizzle Reel debut for them on the Sizzle platform. Increase consumer activation, engagement, market research, continued patronage, current transactions and ongoing customer loyalty. CONCEPT Make greater use of proprietary content Sets the tone for the brand’s content in the mind […]

  • Sizzle Match games increase brand sales

    PURPOSE Leverage a simple product matching game that requires concentration to clear levels on the board. Creates brand awareness,  product exposure and garners market research. CONCEPT Users flip tiles until they find a match. They continue with this process, working against a 3 minute timer, until they clear an entire level. If User clears 5 […]