Sizzle is the ultimate collection of systems to accentuate and improve your sales, marketing and awareness objectives. Sizzle is both a mobile app available in Android and iPhone platforms, paired with an online store that enables consumers to engage in transactions, games,
augmented reality, social media sharing, contests and more. Leveraging a complex system of media and location-oriented triggers, Sizzle merchants are able to use the Sizzle Offer Engine™ to deliver compelling opportunities inside the Sizzle app, for consumers to engage with.

Sizzle is an Offer Engine. A cloud-based system for making offers of all kinds and distributing them to a targeted or a broad audience, and leveraging that interaction to generate transactions, distribute information, increase brand awareness, generate new social media attention, improve customer relations, garner new forms of data and interact with their users and potential users through a unique, fresh experience.

Offers are delivered in many unique methods… scanning pictures and signs, listening to music, television and radio, walking into sports venues, shopping malls and supermarkets, playing games, spinning prize wheels, watching and playing with augmented reality and much more!
Publications • Packaging • Signs • Social Media • YouTube • TV • Radio • Satellite • Stadiums • Malls • Airports • Resorts • Campuses
Scan • Listen • Location • Augmented Reality • YouTube • Streaming • Beacon • Games • Artificial Intelligence • Search • Time • Voice

An Offer is a programmed deal inside the Sizzle Offer Engine™ which is designed to catch the consumer’s attention and generate a response. Responses could be instant sales, showing up at a physical location, interacting with the brand inside a game, sharing the brand information in social media, providing market research, and more. The Offers inside Sizzle are intended to create a very positive experience for our consumers, with expectations of the consumer accepting the offer and providing the desired response.

A Trigger is a system of consumer connection that is utilized by the Sizzle Offer Engine™. Triggers inside Sizzle include: Scan • Listen • Location • Augmented Reality • YouTube • Streaming • Beacon • Games • Artificial Intelligence • Search • Time • Voice.

Consumers may use Sizzle to scan an ad in a magazine or newspaper, or a poster, bus shelter or point of sale. Or they may use the app to listen for silent dog whistle signals inside television, radio or at physical locations. GPS triggers deliver offers to specific locations, or are used to regionalize a scanned or heard offer. Augmented Reality products, hosts and experiences deliver interactive triggers, as do the game triggers used in Sizzle Spin and other Sizzle games. YouTube and streaming triggers are timed to video content and allows the shopping while watching experiences. Beacons provide localized offers, Artificial Intelligence is Alexa searching for you inside Sizzle, Search allows users to scan all of Sizzle looking for offers, Time allows offers to start and stop at very precise moments, and Voice is a connectivity to Alexa to assist you in searching.

Sizzle enterprise customers pay a base monthly cost predicated upon your size and volume. Sizzle charges a 10% Success Fee for the sale of items inside Sizzle. For campaigns that do not use sales as the desired outcome of the offer, Sizzle charges for the total image recognitions, or views of a video, clickthroughs to the Sizzle store or brand website, or other outcomes. Contact your Sizzle representative so that we may orchestrate the perfect program to make your resources go much further than you would expect possible.

Sizzle provides you all of the tools, systems and experiences to engage your customer. Sizzle rewards you for participating in generating downloads of the Sizzle app. Speak with your Sizzle representative to learn how Sizzle’s programs will give you ample budget to take something of value in your business model and use it to ensure the download of the Sizzle App. From that point forward, you own this customer inside the Sizzle platform, so only you have access to the data that is generated, and your ability to continue to market to that customer base increases with each campaign you produce inside Sizzle.

Sizzle will teach you several proven methods for incentivizing your customers to download Sizzle and participate in our unique experiences. Sizzle has programs that we will share with you that will allow you to offer unique incentives in your facility, that cause your customer to download the Sizzle app and create a free account. Once the consumer has done this, your interaction with that customer increases exponentially because you now have the Sizzle Offer Engine to provide new forms of engagement.

Sizzle is designed to eventually open as Software As Service and allow you to make your own offers inside the system. That is tentatively scheduled in June of 2019. In the interim, Sizzle is standing by to help get your offers placed quickly and cost effectively into the system so that you may start your Sizzle strategies within our network and expand your marketing and advertising footprint with the least amount of cost or risk.

Most advertising is currently a push model. Consumers work to tune out and avoid ads that are pushed at them. Sizzle ads come from a pull model. In Sizzle, Offers are distributed to targeted consumers within Sizzle. An ad in a magazine ends with a call to action of making a phone call, visiting a website, downloading an app. Scanning the same ad in Sizzle could connect you to a video, and from there to an instant purchase. Sizzle works to capitalize upon emotional stimuli and deliver impulse purchase opportunities.

Yes, Sizzle is a global platform. While we are in beta, we are not working aggressively outside the United States, but with any properly sized opportunity, Sizzle is fully functional in most countries around the world which provide unrestricted internet access.

Each offer inside Sizzle is unique. Our system is designed to allow you to pair off your offers in any combinations that are best for you and your brand. Your Sizzle representative will help you orchestrate your entire strategy and ongoing engagement to ensure a maximum success for your programs inside the Sizzle Network.

Of course we can! We are excited to discuss your campaign, and advise you on the most cost effective strategies that will allow you to build your success without ever feeling as if your money is being wasted out of ignorance or lack of desire to see you succeed.

Cancel anytime. Either way, let’s stay friends. You never know when we may have something so enticing, you will want to return. And we’ll be even more happy to see you return. Cool?