Why should I care about Web 3?

Presuming you will ignore Web 3 is as ignorant as saying when Apple, Android or Microsoft update their operating systems, you are not going to update your device. You may not be the first to install it, but, as with all technologies, eventually you will have to, because things in your world will not operate without the proper operating system.

The same goes for Web 3. So many leading edge technology platforms, like our platform, Sizzle, have looked at the projections for the 2030 $13 Trillion future economy, and come to this exact conclusion.

There is zero question in my mind, that a majority of people will be on a web 3 in less than two years…

Web 3 will deliver the deed to your property, vehicle, insurance policies, as well as digital collectibles, privileges, VIP passes, tickets, discounts, offers, special access, special metaverse and gaming privileges and so much more.

You may never care that the web 3 world works to be decentralized. You may never buy crypto, or understand a DAO or DeFi. But you will most certainly need a web 3 wallet to receive the myriad items that will be coming to you from all walks of life.

So the first issue was to solve the friction of the current web 3 wallet, which had many specific requirements. These are CRITICAL because many companies have claimed to solve these issues, but only the MetaKeep wallet paired with the Sizzle embedded perks, actually delivers the entire world of everything, everywhere, all at once.

The Sizzle Wallet, secured by MetaKeep is the only web 3 wallet that delivers automatic, seamless Web3 experiences for all your current users that are indistinguishable from Web2.0… meaning no seed phrases, no passwords. No losing private keys. No getting locked out. It is literally unhackable, so Lloyds of London will insure each account up to $1 million. This enables us to provide your company with the seamless key to the next generation of web experiences without your brand having a CUSTODIAL wallet, like some other companies are selling… Imagine the lawsuits coming to brands when they issue a custodial wallet that gets hacked and the user’s goods, lost forever!

The Sizzle Wallet, secured by MetaKeep solves this completely by making a free, non custodial, hardware wallet for your brand to issue to your consumers that comes with your brand’s name as part of the user’s wallet address! So a wallet address in our system might read username@brandname. Easy to log in with no password required. No gas fees are charged to the user. It is totally frictionless!!

And, the consumer is completely in charge of their own data. They may sell it through our system and the consumer earns the revenue. Or they may remain completely private and no one, not even Sizzle, will use their information!

To learn more about to release a white label version Sizzle Wallet, bearing your brand’s name:


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