Create Engagement Using Interactive Experiences

Fans buy a branded shirt to the game, team, league, show, movie, musician, cause of their choice. Then to create engagement, they are instructed on the hang tag that they could scan their shirt each day for a branded question. As they check in daily, the fans answer the question that is delivered by scanning their shirt.

This scan connection also pairs with a chance to win something bigger, while giving them daily points for checking in to see the question. This applies to all sorts of sports teams, K pop, TV shows, comic books, movies, etc.  

Every day, to continue to create engagement, the brand adds a consumer impression of some new product or promotion. So the customer keeps scanning their magic shirt…. which the consumer views as the portal to this unique competition. And each day they add consecutive check-ins, they earn more coins.

Simple, but if programmed properly with fun promotions, it will generate daily attendance. The customized offers and AR experiences that the brand would offer from that stage would just make it a more exponential experience for the fan.

Sizzle’s connected products open an entirely new vertical of digital engagement, augmented reality experiences, daily games and prizes, while simultaneously deepening the relationship between the consumer and the brand.

QUESTION: How has your organization produced a campaign to deepen your consumer engagement?

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