• Sizzle Slots expose your products

    PURPOSE Generate consumer activation, engagement, brand impressions, product impressions, market research, daily check ins, and generate transactions. CONCEPT Sizzle Slots is founded on the same principle that built the Las Vegas strip…. a click of a button, the anticipation of what will I win? And the delivery of either a prize (totally free, not a […]

  • Sizzle’s CineMental Journey™ engine powers movie trivia games

    PURPOSE Create user interactivity with a movie trivia game that spawns both attendance at the movie theaters, as well as the rental or watching of some media on television. Drives advance awareness, creates deeper appreciation and generates social sharing while delivering prizes and discounts. CONCEPT User v. user games and user v. computer games are […]

  • Spend a million to make a million

    PURPOSE Generate continuous positive brand impressions and brand associations through user interactions by providing a game in which the user must pick pick through an endless supply of sumptuous luxury items in their quest to win this game. CONCEPT In this game, we provide you 30 items. You must pick exactly 20 out of the […]

  • Stimulating the scavenger hunt for clues, 62

    Clues can be anywhere. Fans will watch and rewatch trailers, looking for the missing pieces of the Cyberhunt inside Sizzle. PURPOSE Generate continuous viewing on YouTube, increasing awareness of the existing entertainment properties and generating advance awareness of projects in the pipeline. CONCEPT Create a Cyberhunt inside a movie trailer, a commercial and other promotional […]

  • Stream fully interactive webinars

    PURPOSE Generate consumer engagement leading to business related interactions either during or after the interactive webinar. Create engagement, consumer loyalty, market research, transactions and many other forms of interactivity. CONCEPT Use of Sizzle for streaming B2B experiences further increases the attendee engagement potential. • Transactional – One click purchases • Interactive – Download presentation decks […]

  • Styletto causes consumer engagement

    PURPOSE Create a game that enables users to view merchandise as the playing pieces within the game. Use that product familiarity to generate market research, purchases and consumer engagements. CONCEPTS Styletto is a game like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, but it is played with brand merchandise, so the consumer is exposed to many purchasable items […]

  • Suite of sweets

    PURPOSE Create habit forming behavior by conditioning users to connect with the treats of their liking on a daily basis. Brand awareness, product sales, social sharing and volume increases in purchases are all benefits of this game. CONCEPT One of these desserts is free, the others provide discounts. Try it daily! One of the products […]

  • Theatres use AR to deliver digital swag

    PURPOSE Deliver offers to consumers through broadcast media and in physical locations using inaudible audio signals that only Sizzle app can hear.  In all circumstances, an audience connecting to an audio signal in a theater, location, radio broadcast, game or television broadcast, is an audience that a Sizzle merchant can market to at a later […]

  • Time delivers when emotion is strongest

    PURPOSE Time offers can be developed into a live game that can be played against predictive entertainment experiences like award shows, sporting events, elections and other. Use time to your brand’s advantage. Sizzle can deliver offers in very short windows of time. Whether a championship has been determined, or even when the home team has […]

  • Tour the set, find bonus content

    Sizzle takes you through the sets of some of the most exciting films, and allows you to find the Easter eggs hidden inside the set for prizes, merch and bonus content. PURPOSE Leverage out of home advertising, broadcast, streaming and print media to trigger the delivery of a Sizzle virtual reality exploration of the set […]