Food and Beverage Manufacture, Sales or Serving-Related Industries

Food and beverages are easily promoted using augmented reality menus, games, promotions, discounts, viral sharing and more.

  • A commonplace, branded souvenir cup takes on significant value and social status when it is the only trigger that launches a very cool augmented reality experience. Point Sizzle at a team branded cup and a star walks out and performs for the audience.
  • Allowing your visitors to play an augmented reality game with their cocktails or desserts will significantly increase their conversion to purchasing a dessert or drink. Make their mouths water by playing a game, then the purchase is inevitable.
  • Augmented reality ambassadors deliver offers that are much more appealing because of the way that the consumer received them. A $5 discount coupon is one thing, it is another to point your phone at a promotion and a special augmented reality experience makes you aware of a way to save the $5 in a cool new deal!
  • Create a special offer of the day that is triggered when the consumer comes to your location and scans your sign with Sizzle
  • Create a special Sizzle Spin of the day that is triggered when the consumer comes to your location with Sizzle. This option can be created to only be available when the consumer comes to your locations using our GPS systems.
  • Customers may receive custom entertainment related content when scanning your logo in the Sizzle Cobranded opportunities. Pair your merchandise with a film or show or sports event and let Sizzle be the perfect conduit.
  • Increase the value of your social media following by offering prizes, offers, sales and games that your consumers may instantly access inside Sizzle.
  • Pair your product or label with a celebrity from a show that is in promotion and watch an uptick in sales and their audience draws to your brand to see the unique experience.
  • Produce a giant augmented reality version of your product and allow your customers to take pics of themselves engaging with the product for social media sharing.
  • Sizzle’s branded expression engine dresses up a selfie with fun and engaging themed augmented reality overlays and experiences. Sizzle can provide a themed digital scrapbook for your brand for our users to play with and share.
  • Use Sizzle to create a mouth-watering augmented reality menu. Food always looks great on someone else’s plate, now you can point your phone and see it on your plate and decide.
  • Use Sizzle’s Augmented Reality menus to generate sales poolside, in the casino, in the room, on the golf course, tennis courts and more.

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