General Uses Of The Sizzle Platform… Your First Brainstorm.

There are literally thousands of potential uses of the Sizzle platform, spread out over millions of opportunities. Leverage this vast suite of technologies to your company or brand’s greatest advantage by learning how flexible the Sizzle global trans media network platform can be. Here are a few ideas to get your brain spinning:

  • Acquire Data And Analytics On Your Customer’s Interests Outside Of Their Experience With Your Brand
  • Add Emotional Value To Collector Or Souvenir Merchandise By Adding A Unique Augmented Reality Experience That Triggers From This Merchandise
  • Add Multilingual Interactions To Your Brand Instructions, Menu, Facility, Resort, Mall, Entertainment Venue And More
  • Allow Your Franchisees, Or Regional Branches A Tool To Make Location-Specific Offers
  • Capture Or Create Emotional Interaction That Will Convert Into An Impulse Purchase
  • Create Verified Proof For Insurance Purposes That A Person Has Been Exposed To Cautionary Information
  • Deliver Targeted Offers To Sizzle Users Who Have Expressed Interest In These Categories
  • Distribute Product or Corporate InformationThrough Visual Or GPS Triggers
  • Drive Traffic, Increase Impressions, CTR’s and Transactions: To A Website, Social Media Site, YouTube Channel, App Or A Physical Location
  • Gamify And Reward Your User’s Experiences To Incentivize Them To Add Friends And Family In The Gaming Experience
  • Generate Reorders When A Customer Scans The Label Of Your Product In Their Home Or Office
  • Improve Efficiency Of Marketing Spend
  • Improve Social Media Presence Using Sizzle Tools To Create Viral Campaigns
  • Incentivize Users To Share Your Offers Using Sizzle Social Media Tools
  • Increase Awareness Of An Event By Having Your Consumer Scan Your Product Or Publication And Instantly Play The Promotional Video
  • Increase Downloads Of An App
  • Increase My Current Untapped Income Streams To Their Fullest Potentials
  • Increase User Engagement
  • Increase Value Of Social Media Following Through Prizes, Offers, Sales and Games
  • Leverage The Sizzle Affinity Program To Add Incremental Income To Your Bottom Line
  • Leverage the Sizzle Affinity Program to Increase User Base and Identify Cross Marketing Partnerships Where Your Customers Shop
  • Leverage The Sizzle Loyalty Program To Bring Increased Patronage To Your Establishment Or Business
  • Make All Of The Commercials On Your Network, Interactive And Transactional
  • Make Easy Buy/Easy Sell Simple
  • Market Research
  • Open A Retail Store In Sizzle Shop
  • Promote The Sharing Of Your Brand Using Sizzle’s Augmented Reality
  • Sell Goods, Services, Experiences, Etc.
  • Supply Instructions To An Audience That Does Not Or Can Not Read
  • Take Your Audience On An Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt
  • Target Sizzle Customers That Have Expressed A Direct Interest That Your Brand Or Experience Serves
  • Use AR experience of blending the physical and digital worlds and enabling users to actively shape their experiences
  • Use AR experiences to become even more visible, reach more customers
  • Use Augmented Reality Television To Make A Special Form Of Entertainment That Entertains, Makes A Huge Impression, And Sells Merchandise Or Raises Money
  • Use Augmented Reality To Sell Products With Many Alternate Features, So The AR Model Changes With The Customer Selection Of Features
  • Viral Sharing Of Brand Message

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