Getting Whitelisted For Participation In An IDO

Given that the demand for token sales in most IDOs are very high, launchpad operations need to be very selective of who is allowed to participate in the launch, as well as be limiting of size allocation of tokens to be purchased, usually only a few hundred dollars. All IDOs are narrowed in applicants to participate by requiring participants to join the Telegram chat that is supporting this IDO, retweet and make valuable feedback commentary on tweets coming from the project’s account, like and share the project’s social media and any other viral enthusiasm that a participant can supply.

When done properly, there is an exponential growth that comes with an IDO release as promoted by their participants. The followers to the IDO project grow instantly as word about the project spreads from the participants. In most circumstances, participants are required to hold tokens from the launchpad’s platform. Token holders of a specific platform have access to specific offers only available to their token holders. This method creates considerably less competition for the limited available tokens. If there are two rounds of whitelisting: one for the token holders of the launchpad and a second one for the general public. The two whitelisting events will create a gigantic marketing event, thereby creating demand for the IDO token on the secondary market, which was noticeably missing from ICOs and IEOs.

Some launchpads, in particular, Trustswap, Kickpad, BSCPad will provide a guaranteed allocation predicated upon the number of native tokens a use holds. Some even escalate the proportions based upon the total number of native tokens the user holds. This has had a predictable side effect of causing the tokens that belong to the IDO launchpads to increase substantially in value.

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