Sizzle Delivers Consumer Animation In Physical Locations

Sizzle delivers tremendous benefits to malls, stadiums, theaters, campuses, airports, venues, cities, terminals, retail, big box, tourist attractions by leveraging the large suite of tools in the global trans media network. Here are a few concepts to stimulate your imagination:

  • A family portrait, paired with dynamic, holiday-centric animated characters lends a touch of humor and excitement that will keep people playing with the countless promotions that the Sizzle Expression Engine™ is capable of delivering
  • Add augmented reality outcomes to promotional content to further engage an audience and expand awareness
  • Provide your franchisees, or regional branches a tool to make location-specific offers
  • Create a branded game that is only playable when the consumer is on your premises
  • Create a digital treasure hunt using the Sizzle platform to pair with an entertainment brand and make their characters appear in your location
  • Deliver augmented reality entertainment only experienced at your facility to drive new and repeat business to your locations
  • Deliver digital swag to an audience that has come to a live event, or a theater, or tuned in for a live broadcast to reward their participation
  • Deliver targeted, regionalized offers in a mall, stadium, campus, airport or other location
  • Engage your customers in your existing locations
  • GPS delivered, or scan delivery of entertainment, games, prizes, offers, discounts, and cross brand promotions throughout the consumer experience
  • Redirect the flow in your facility, mall, airport shopping area by gamifying the environment and rewarding participation while causing customers to experience the slow sections of your premises.
  • Sizzle can import the plans or map to your premises and deliver GPS offers as well as directions throughout your facility or location
  • Sizzle’s branded expression engine dresses up a selfie with fun and engaging augmented reality digital scrapbook overlays and experiences
  • Social media impressions of the augmented reality stunts are free advertising that result from these gamified promotions, which increase as they go viral
  • Take your audience on an augmented reality treasure hunt
  • The feeling that one has won something, like catching a soft drink bottle floating down in parachutes over a stadium, increases your desire to convert on the discount that one has just won.
  • Turn end caps into brand ambassadors to provide tutorials, explanations, and consumer engagements worth experiencing and purchasing from. Perfect for a large cosmetic section of a store.
  • Turn in-store signage into cash registers with a new form of promotional strategies
  • With the proper license, there is no limiting what your audience may see, when the point their phone to the sky, only while at your location. Famous flying vehicles could easily pass overhead for photo opportunities.

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