Leverage Sizzle Network To Increase Sport Event Profitability

Sizzle has countless applications in the world of live sports. From consumer activation and engagement, to sales of merchandise, refreshments, social sharing, NFT collection and trading, augmented reality experiences, cross brand promotions, stadium stunts and so much more.

Here are a selection of ideas for use in the promotion of live sporting events:

  • A family portrait, paired with dynamic, animated characters lends a touch of humor and excitement that will keep people playing with the countless promotions that the Sizzle Expression Engine™ is capable of delivering.
  • All radio and television broadcasts are instantly transactional
  • Allowing a consumer to photograph themselves with their heroes and post to social media is a perfect use of Sizzle’s augmented reality television
  • Branded contests and games are available for deployment inside Sizzle’s augmented reality gaming section
  • Consumer’s responses to offers leads to the creation of special content for viral distribution
  • Deliver digital swag for attending or watching entertainment media
  • Digital sharing of viral social media is incentivized inside Sizzle
  • Elevates the visual and social media sharing of stadium branded company by leveraging their logo using augmented reality in social sharing stimulating moments
  • During a break or before the game, audio signals can trigger the receipt of fan videos, such as looking back at winning the year before and taking home the prize. Using emotional stimuli to trigger an impulse purchase that is a single click and delivered straight to their home, without any cause for stock on premises.
  • Multilingual tracks lead to higher conversions
  • Offer branded augmented reality promotions are set for release in-stadium or in-telecast or both
  • Offer the ability for the audience to order food from their seats and have it delivered
  • Putting sports celebrities into other brands as spokespersons
  • Sizzle delivers the sports promotional merchandise opportunity when the team is carrying a significant lead and the emotions are running high
  • Souvenir memorabilia comes to life on sports cards, mugs, poster, shirts, hats and more
  • Special Sizzle Spin games may be themed for specific games or events

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