Augmented Reality

Sizzle’s comprehensive augmented reality platform delivers all of this functionality into your app or you may produce any of these campaigns inside Sizzle. Or both.

Sizzle is a marketing disruptor

Sizzle’s AR delivers transformational interactions

  • Augmented reality delivers transformative marketing and promotion experiences
  • Consumers dwell for up to 10x on AR experiences over any other form of promotion
  • AR games are viral and can be programmed to incentivize consumer peer to peer sharing

Competitions to win significant prizes

Insured outcome games enable your brand to offer large prizes. One player invites another player virtually to play against them. Your brand makes positive brand impressions to both parties, who presumably will challenge others to play. Collaborative games are also available in which two players might work to achieve a mutual score of 10 out of 10 to win a grand prize!

Branded, highly viral, head to head games

Consumers will call their friends to join them in virtually playing games. The Sizzle proprietary Popongo game takes the same tailgate party fun of Corn Hole and enables two people to play head to head in competition. Use a sports ladder and create a branded competition inside Sizzle that will expand exponentially as friends bring their friends into the competition through the simple invitation system in Sizzle.

Shoot digital AR shots on goal from your phone

Sizzle has recreated the buy tickets to play games for prizes model that everyone participates in at carnivals. Pair Sizzle with a Sizzle smart TV in your location and consumers will line up to purchase digital tickets for their chance to take shots on goal in order to win prizes of your choosing.

Concert visual effects engulf the audience

All forms of stadium stunts are readily available inside the Sizzle platform. Our technology is readily available for you to use in your event or to license to put inside your app for your fans to access.

AR consumer promotions generate interest

Promote the sale of vehicles through viral AR campaigns specifically crafted for social media. Allow consumers to picture your vehicle in their driveway and post to social platforms for their chance to win. #IWantToWinThisFord350

Digital AR celebrities drive consumer traffic

Create viral in-store promotions using weekly AR treasure hunts to put a digital character walking the aisles for the consumers to spot and take pictures of. This is a perfect model for cross brand promotions.

Convert packaging into “must have” souvenirs

Sizzle recognizes a package and delivers a command performance from celebrities, athletes and influencers that ensure their fans will purchase your product in order to trigger this unique, “must have” experience.

SizzleFX instantly composes your AR experiences for consumers to share

SizzleFX is a comprehensive visual effects platform built into the Sizzle app for you to release unique visuals for your consumers to use, enjoy and share virally on social media.

Sizzle Dance Off

Sizzle Dance Off is an exciting new game in the SizzleFX system to enable consumers to dance with all sorts of fun characters, record, share and have fun!

AR avatars generate revenue from sales of themed garments

Every licensed property should evaluate the massive financial benefits of bringing their license into Sizzle for pairing with themed garments. Sizzle’s facial and expression recognition system enables AR character interactions and ongoing sales of new accessories that will be purchased by the consumer to bling out their new avatar.

Turn your business card into a sales presentation

Make your business card jump out of the stack by Sizzle-enabling it to project your augmented reality presentation, causing the receivers to want to share with friends and colleagues.

AR Menus

Covid brought digital menus to the forefront, but the novelty and interactivity of swiping through a series of the house specialties enables the customer to see the food right in front of them and stimulate a sale.

Branded 3D AR games are engaging and viral

Nothing engages a consumer more than playing a game in which your products are the playing pieces. Leverage Sizzle’s gaming platform to convert your products into a game competition your customers will return to play on a daily basis.

AR Escape Room games

Escape rooms have become a vogue. But one of the core problems with them is you must be in the same location. Sizzle’s escape room, Shipwreck™ was formulated by the same team that made the virtual escape room for the Terminator series.

Get viral with virtual advertising

Virtual theatrical standees defy gravity, space requirements, shipping and set up costs and are infinitely more fun. AR interaction at this phase creates a new digital relationship with the consumer for continued AR promotions, discounts, interactions and games.

Sales tools and programs

Wedding photographers and other artists may save their costs of having to sell their artwork by leveraging an AR sales system. Allows your customers to first experience holographic AR announcements, invitations, and thank you letters paired with an easy to use interface that pairs your gallery options with your frame options to seamlessly sell your artwork to your customers with ease and reduced friction.

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