• AR holograms brings concerts to life

    PURPOSE Add substantial depth to concerts using Sizzle’s easy gamification platform to bring AR and other special experiences to life throughout the performances. Sizzle delivers countless visual experiences to be leveraged by artists to increase user activation, engagement, interaction and satisfaction. CONCEPT  Add AR holograms to concerts, like a dragon jumping off of the screen […]

  • Audio triggers increase advertising ROI

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI and effectiveness of radio advertising by making it fully transactional and interactive. Sizzle audio triggers may be embedded in any radio, television, music or broadcast signal to deliver offers to the listening consumers. Increase customer activation, engagement, market research and transactions. CONCEPT Audio triggers create customized radio and television shopping experiences […]

  • Augmented reality treasure hunts

    PURPOSE: Deliver an onsite experience for guests of a location to hunt throughout the property searching for collectible elements in order to generate activations, engagement, move traffic to specific locations within a property, drive retail sales and customer loyalty. CONCEPT Treasure hunt for Hard Rock properties finding augmented music memorabilia, as well as augmented reality […]

  • Celebrity hologram appearances

    SizzleFX holograms are a perfect platform for contestants to pair with brands for command performances. PURPOSE Drive consumer traffic to specific brand locations or packaging to experience unique holographic appearances. CONCEPT: Sizzle provides a host of augmented reality holograms for the promotion of entertainment. These holograms can be triggered by GPS, Time, Audio, Search, Scan, […]

  • Dance Off is a new fun viral dancing game

    PURPOSE Provide a sponsor with an interactive experience that draws significant activation and engagement by a targeted demographic audience. Creates brand impressions, positive association, massive viral spreading, social media posting and peer to peer spreading. CONCEPT Create branded dance competitions where users can submit their dance to be in progressive one to one competitions or […]

  • Engage users with influencer branded games

    PURPOSE Create an influencer opportunity to expand their reach with new games inside their area of expertise. Users are able to play the games and receive offers and prizes for their participation. CONCEPT In this version of the game, a Name That Tune kind of game, users hear small segments of a song and then […]

  • Influencers host jam-along competitions

    PURPOSE Create opportunity for influencers to provide new experiences to their fans by making SizzleFX holograms available for performance and dual recordings. CONCEPT An influencer stages an experience in which their audience can record themselves with the influencer doing anything that the influencer desires. In this model, it is a jam-along with Marty Music. In […]

  • Insert Sizzle technology into your apps

    PURPOSE Many Sizzle Merchants wish to embed Sizzle technologies into their own apps. Sizzle Software Development Kits enable you to pick the best parts of Sizzle for your users and embed them into your app so that your team can program offers, games and augmented reality experiences for your audience by using the convenience of […]

  • Interactive features for live streaming

    PURPOSE Create more dynamic and engaging forms of remote performances, streamed experiences and consumer interactions to service the current remote working/living circumstances. Generates consumer activation and engagement, peer to peer sharing, social media sharing, as well as sponsor brand association. CONCEPT Provide a new and deeper fan interactivity paired with live streaming events. Leverage the […]

  • Jam-Along with your favorite artists

    PURPOSE Increase fan engagement and artist awareness by creating the first of its kind, Jam-Along. CONCEPTS Fans are now able to record themselves singing, dancing, performing with their favorite artists using SizzleFX. The recording looks convincingly as if the user and the artist are in the same video playing together. These videos have very high […]