• AR cosmetic applications sell product

    PURPOSE Use augmented reality to show how different make up styles will look on a user’s face, then enable the user to connect to a tutorial video that teaches them how to achieve that look, and produces a product purchase list that can be fulfilled at the check out counter or purchased online through Sizzle. […]

  • AR eyeglasses design system sells product

    PURPOSE Use augmented reality to show how different eyewear styles will look on a user’s face, then enable the user to purchase that pair of glasses expeditiously and cost effectively. CONCEPT User points the camera at their face, enabling an augmented reality experience that applies various combinations of eyewear styles to the user’s face. The […]

  • AR puts products into a virtual mind game

    3D augmented reality products appear in front and behind you, as well as to your left and right. Instructions appear on your screen. Slowly at first, then with more speed and more attempts to trick your mind. Higher levels score better offers and prizes. PURPOSE Entertain users with branded entertainment, introduce products to users in […]

  • Branded AR social media campaigns

    PURPOSE Create a program that drives traffic to retail establishments such as a pet supply store, in order to access special digital content. Elevate a brand to a new stature of social media sharing potential using SizzleFX to add a fun and engaging experience to a brand promotion. This increases transactions both online and retail […]

  • Business contact sharing

    PURPOSE Instantly swap business contact information in both virtual and physical meetings. Accurate information may be scanned from a business card, or the custom coded Sizzle bolt in the user’s profile. It may easily be transmitted as a file that will export to most address books. CONCEPT Revolutionize the business card by eliminating it entirely. […]

  • Custom games to introduce products

    PURPOSE All of the games in Sizzle are designed as pull advertising. Use your products, services and experiences as the playing pieces in a Sizzle game and allow potential customers to discover some of your products by playing a game and choosing between them as both prizes and discounted offers. Sizzle has several stock games, […]

  • Dispatch™: Presents delivered by virtual holograms

    PURPOSE A new digital gifting and greeting methodology. Sizzle leverages 2D and 3D augmented reality to revolutionize the greeting card with a new digital delivery experience. Creates customer activation, engagement, generates loyalty and repeat patronage. CONCEPTS A purchase is made inside Sizzle, and a user is allowed to send a Sizzle Dispatch™ to send an […]

  • Download content directly from video or TV

    PURPOSE Utilize Sizzle as the hyperlink that takes valuable downloadable content that is available from a broadcast program or a streaming service and enable that content to be instantly downloaded without searching for links outside of the viewing experience. Generates downloads, sales, consumer interactions, market research, engagement and appreciation. CONCEPT Use the Sizzle interactive button […]

  • Fully interactive broadcast media system

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI of both broadcasting and advertising by making the broadcast media instantly transactional, interactive, entertaining or informative. Sizzle systems add full interactivity from games and contests to market research related activities to shopping from anywhere in the world. CONCEPT Interactive Media Transactional commercials Increase sponsor’s value proposition Signals on programs are readily […]

  • Gamified market research

    PURPOSE Leverage key moments in editorial content for brief interludes of an interactive poll or survey. Design the content in a gamified style to make it light and fun, while still picking up valuable market research. CONCEPT Sizzle merchants are able to display content in their editorial sections which deliver an audience that has directly […]