• Sizzle Reels can drive traffic to retail

    PURPOSE Leverage corporate Sizzle Reels to their fullest advantage by pairing them with cause to visit retail locations for benefits, discounts and prizes. Increase consumer activation, engagement, market research, continued patronage, current transactions and ongoing customer loyalty. CONCEPT Sizzle reels can be programmed with offers that drive traffic to retail, adding deeper connection between consumer and brand. […]

  • SizzleFX brings the artist to virtual presence

    PURPOSE Expand the user’s experience in a gallery by providing a deeper engagement with the exhibit through a wide range of Sizzle’s immense suite of potential interactive tools and systems. CONCEPT A user points their phone at a painting in a gallery and the artist appears to talk about the work of art and present […]

  • Stream fully interactive webinars

    PURPOSE Generate consumer engagement leading to business related interactions either during or after the interactive webinar. Create engagement, consumer loyalty, market research, transactions and many other forms of interactivity. CONCEPT Use of Sizzle for streaming B2B experiences further increases the attendee engagement potential. • Transactional – One click purchases • Interactive – Download presentation decks […]

  • Transactional augmented reality

    PURPOSE Leverage the persuasive power of an augmented reality explanation by making it fully transactional to increase customer interest, increase sales and perpetuate continued engagement. CONCEPT Scan any item to unlock the augmented reality sales kit. In this kit, team members will be able to present product assortments for their customers to experience in the […]

  • Virtual 3D Pop Up Shops

    PURPOSE Generate a virtual pop up shop in the home, show room or backyard of the user to generate an increase in product interest and remote sales. CONCEPT Customers point Sizzle at an empty area in their home or office, and launch a virtual portal to allow them to enter your store, showroom or display […]

  • Virtual real estate tours

    PURPOSE Attract buyers to both commercial and residential properties and enable them to take a virtual reality tour of the property, just by standing out in front, or scanning a listing while still at home. Increases connection potential with buyer. Creates consumer identification, activation, engagement market research, and long term communication. CONCEPT Virtual and GPS […]

  • Virtual tours of your showroom

    PURPOSE Deliver a virtual tour of your showroom to enable customers to have the full visual browsing experience that your showroom provides. Virtual reality show rooms create customer attention, peer to peer sharing, transactions, generate continued visits and repeat patronage. CONCEPT Sizzle connects your customers with a virtual reality 3D tour of your showroom. Easily […]

  • Voice-activated AI learning systems

    PURPOSE Create new forms of educational software applications by enabling a user to voice command interact with a lesson for a hands free engagement. CONCEPT Sizzle’s artificial intelligence-driven voice-activation system facilitates learning from videos without holding the phone in hand while training. Subscription video content transacts, teaches, sells and trains. Content may contain products or […]