• Billboards are promotional / transactional

    PURPOSE Increase the ROI of out of home advertising by generating interactivity across the wide range of Sizzle options and turning them into a game experience. CONCEPT Sizzle can recognize a billboard and make augmented reality illusions transforming the content of the billboard to a fun and interactive experience. This generates social media sharing and […]

  • Business cards come to life

    PURPOSE A business card is your front door. Turn the business card into a marker that makes the very best impression, thereby increasing sales, garnering consumer activation, engagement and peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Scanned business cards can deliver: A hologram presentation Hand/eye coordination games Product/service/experience sales Voting/polling Market research Add information to contacts in […]

  • Cabana Drink Menus

    Make ordering drinks pool side, in a cabana, or even in the hotel room, a new and delightful experience! PURPOSE Enable a user to use augmented reality to make choices in food or beverage experiences, participate in games with chances to win prizes and discounts, or to use designer food and drinks to promote an […]

  • Capture or create emotional stimuli, then convert it into an impulse purchase

    PURPOSE Sizzle’s comprehensive scanning system reads images, text and 3D objects to deliver thousands of potential outcomes. Increases consumer activation, engagement, loyalty, recurring participation, interactions, social media sharing and peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Scan specialty merchandise of any kind and deliver regular updated customized games, promotions, transactions and experiences All print, broadcast, satellite, streaming […]

  • Capture the special aircraft for a prize

    PURPOSE Create a continuous crowd-drawing experience at a large open air retail establishment in which the air overhead is populated with fun augmented reality experiences to create games, social media sharing, return patronage, peer to peer sharing and more. CONCEPT Sizzle provides a host of 3D augmented reality holograms for the promotion of entertainment. These […]

  • Characters leap off the screen into Sizzle

    PURPOSE Substantially increase the ROI of in-theater advertising by connecting to the audience during the sponsored commercials, before the trailers have started, and make a digital bond with them through fun and unique promotions: CONCEPT 3D characters leap off the screen and into the app. Sizzle audio signals launch an augmented reality experience in the […]

  • Connect to virtual reality engagements

    PURPOSE Use of virtual reality interactions substantially increases consumer engagement, dwell time, interaction and transactions. Bring a complete virtual reality tour of any kind of building, facility, property or experience into your traditional advertising using Sizzle scan and Matterport 3D models. CONCEPT Visual triggers deliver unique augmented reality and virtual reality tours Perfect for tourism […]

  • Custom games to introduce products

    PURPOSE All of the games in Sizzle are designed as pull advertising. Use your products, services and experiences as the playing pieces in a Sizzle game and allow potential customers to discover some of your products by playing a game and choosing between them as both prizes and discounted offers. Sizzle has several stock games, […]

  • Dance Off is a new fun viral dancing game

    PURPOSE Provide a sponsor with an interactive experience that draws significant activation and engagement by a targeted demographic audience. Creates brand impressions, positive association, massive viral spreading, social media posting and peer to peer spreading. CONCEPT Create branded dance competitions where users can submit their dance to be in progressive one to one competitions or […]

  • Dare consumers to ignore your brand

    PURPOSE Increase product awareness, consumer loyalty, peer to peer sharing and social media sharing. CONCEPT In Sizzle, you may dare your audience to ignore you. If they are able. Your brand may use humor, surprise, and of course, gorgeous people to draw their attention up to your logo. If they succeed in ignoring you, give […]