• 3D AR breakdancing game

    PURPOSE Create user interactions with unique experiences that heighten awareness to a form of entertainment or sporting event. CONCEPT This is a dance competition game in which two players have a dance off for highest point scores. Can be used in the hip hop space to bring some songs way up the charts in the […]

  • AR multiplayer plane or car racing games

    Turn your brand into markers for a racing game or augmented reality game of competition. Builds strong consumer brand awareness and appreciation. Viral sharing and social engagement. PURPOSE Player v. player type games using a brand product as part of the game creates sales, generates brand awareness, viral sharing, user appreciation and much more! CONCEPTS […]

  • Connect to virtual reality engagements

    PURPOSE Use of virtual reality interactions substantially increases consumer engagement, dwell time, interaction and transactions. Bring a complete virtual reality tour of any kind of building, facility, property or experience into your traditional advertising using Sizzle scan and Matterport 3D models. CONCEPT Visual triggers deliver unique augmented reality and virtual reality tours Perfect for tourism […]

  • Dear Santa…

    PURPOSE Generate tremendous brand awareness and consumer engagement with this seasonal promotion. Creates social media sharing, peer to peer sharing and high levels of consumer satisfaction. CONCEPT Using Sizzle, scan your child’s artwork or letter to Santa. Send it off to the North Pole then relax and have a Coke. Moments later, an alert will […]

  • Dialing For Dollars

    PURPOSE Create a daily lottery that users can pick their numbers for a free chance to win. Drives positive brand association, brand awareness, consumer loyalty, peer to peer sharing. CONCEPT Users log in and play once per day. They enter what they think their secret phone number would be (X) XXX-XXX-XXXX  If they guess the […]

  • Engage viewers through dynamic and actionable videos

    PURPOSE Leverage entertainment content to deliver trivia competitions using video clips and Sizzle Hot Spots to make a new and exciting form of trivia interactivity. CONCEPTS In this version of Cinemental Journey™, users are able to watch clips and interact directly with the movie clip to make the trivia game more interactive and experiential. Users […]

  • High stakes prognostication game

    PURPOSE Activate and engage a fan with a fast running predictive game. This may be used against award shows, all sporting events and other live broadcast competitions. Creates user engagement, brand loyalty, fan base growth, peer to peer sharing and social media sharing. CONCEPT A user can make a prediction as to who the winner […]

  • Motion capture pairs an avatar with user for synchronized dance

    PURPOSE Drive users into dance competitions by pairing a digital character with the user in synchronized dance. Whatever the dancer move, the avatar instantly copies it and dances in sync. Sponsoring brands build customer appreciation, loyalty, increased brand interest, massive brand impressions due to viral sharing. CONCEPTS Users pick from a host of free avatars […]

  • Portal 3D showrooms and pop up shops

    PURPOSE Generate a virtual pop up shop in the home, show room or backyard of the user to generate an increase in product interest and remote sales. CONCEPT Customers point Sizzle at an empty area in their home or office, and launch a virtual portal to allow them to enter your store, showroom or display […]

  • Retina tracking and expression recognition

    PURPOSE Sizzle incorporates both expression recognition as well as retina tracking for a host of useful purposes in market research, gaming and consumer engagement. CONCEPTS Expression recognition. Sizzle can differentiate between many expressions, winks, blinks, kisses, and hand gestures/waves. These  are valuable for opt in market research projects. When an agreeing user is looking at […]