Monetize Your Audience With Sizzle’s Many Experiences

Sizzle offers countless ways to assist your brand in monetizing your audience through innovative pull marketing concepts that activate consumers and cause their engagement.

  • Attach a game or contest to your out of home advertising that spreads virally
  • Increase the ROI for your out of home advertisers by adding an interactive conclusion to the advertisement that makes it trackable and demonstrable
  • Leverage augmented reality to make a huge viral impression as everyone looks for your ad to watch the experience live in their Sizzle app
  • Leverage games, contests, treasure hunts and augmented reality television experiences to significantly increase the conversion potential
  • Provide digital tracking of the fans and their interactions
  • Sizzle creates out of home advertising, using augmented reality, where a current opportunity does not exist. Like looking out over a sea of rooftops from a tourist attraction and seeing characters spring to life atop the buildings
  • Sizzle provides a deep fan experience in numerous languages that generates continued interaction and delivers elevated analytics, combined with a substantial increase in merchandise revenue and stimulated consumer interactivity.
  • Television properties may also distribute access to their pilot episode via out of home advertisements, thereby increasing the potential for a greater ongoing audience throughout the season.
  • Use OOH Advertising to supply the tool to convert a family portrait, paired with dynamic, animated characters that lends a touch of humor and excitement that will keep people playing with the countless promotions that the Sizzle Expression Engine™ is capable of delivering

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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