Print Advertising

Print advertising is instantly converted into a discovery process that delights the consumer once they engage. The ability to point Sizzle at a magazine ad, direct response card, poster, bus shelter or other print promotions continues to engage consumers in dynamic new ways.

Here is a list of some of the myriad potential at your disposal, once you are using the Sizzle platform:

  • Add augmented reality outcomes to promotional content to further engage an audience and expand awareness of your brand
  • Connect landing pages for distribution of the sale of merchandise, reservations, capture of data, interactive surveys, services and more
  • Connect the assets of the publication in new and innovative ways by tying a story to a YouTube channel, leading to a page on the website for unity of consumer experiences
  • Convert editorial content into sales generation
  • Increase the ROI for your print advertisers
  • Create an interactive browsing experience which dramatically enhances the print media experience
  • Increase the ROI of direct response advertising
  • Make every page of print into a cash register
  • Use Sizzle to perform market research on your print campaigns
  • Sizzle multilingual variable adds a deeper ROI when leveraged in Sizzle
  • Use editorial content to link to pertinent polls and surveys to enhance your reader’s experience and collect consumer data in the process
  • Use print advertising to supply the tool to convert a family portrait, paired with dynamic, animated characters that lends a touch of humor and excitement that will keep people playing with the countless promotions that the Sizzle Expression Engine™ is capable of delivering

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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