Sizzle Creates Consumer Activation And Sales

The full suite of systems within Sizzle are tailor made to deliver sales in both retail and online interactions. By engaging your customers through a unique activation and delivering a fun game, contest, discovery experience or augmented interaction, your brand wins the mind of the consumer in dynamic new ways.

  • Create immersive shopping experiences by building shopping experiences in augmented reality or virtual reality
  • Drive tourism purchases from printed collateral by connecting virtual reality tours, videos, 360º videos and instant purchases to the magazine ad or location poster
  • Open a branded retail store in Sizzle Shop so Sizzle customers may make single click purchases
  • Sell items with a single click by opening a Sizzle store
  • Sell merchandise, food, experiences, services or other items of value
  • Sell your merchandise in areas of large volumes of people without carrying the physical product to those locations. Conventions, concerts, stadiums, airports and other locations are ideal for this opportunity.
  • Use augmented reality television to drive instant sales with a celebrity spokesperson
  • Use augmented reality to sell products with many alternate features, so the augmented reality model can change with the customer selection of features

Learn the proven methodologies that compliment the new chapter of Pull Advertising.

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