Sizzle Vision Translates Your Packaging Instantly

Sizzle Vision translates anything easily by reading the item, contacting the Sizzle Offer Engine, and returning the translation requested in the desired language. It is the solution to a multilingual community that needs access to readily available information.

Package labels seldom have enough room to tell the proper story. Sizzle is able to scan a package or label, read it using Sizzle Vision, then instantly translate all written materials in all the applicable languages chosen by the manufacturer to supply.

Sizzle vision combats small print and illiteracy and solves this problem by easily reading your labels, connecting them to the Offer Engine, and then pairing those labels with whatever potential outcomes you might desire.

Pharmaceutical products may deliver translated information in written or video form in any language as is desired. Those triggers can be even further programmed to ensure the patient watches the video to the very end of the video before Sizzle passes a code to the product to unlock. It may be further programmed to provide an insurance grade proof of customer translation, understanding and compliance.

Translation of information delivery from Sizzle Vision covers the entire spectrum of products, services, experiences, etc. Sizzle provides the ultimate hyperlink by Sizzling everything to everywhere and making the new world of interconnectivity, even easier to navigate.

Give a try. Use the Sizzle App to scan the Tylenol package.


Sizzle Vision Translates many applications. From slot machines in international casinos, to menus, signs, packages, instructions, tour guides, check in/out information and more.

QUESTION: How can you increase your profitability by making translation available to your existing and potential customer base?

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