Sizzle Directly Markets Theatrical Film Attendance

Sizzle Can Deliver Millions Of Augmented Reality Experiences

As the world emerges back into the movie theaters, and competition from the studio apps reduces the total volume of film goers, Sizzle provides countless new solutions to incentivize consumers to attend films in the movie theaters through games, digital swag, transactional opportunities, new forms of augmented reality promotions, and much more:

  • Add augmented reality outcomes to promotional content to further engage an audience and expand awareness of a film
  • Add Easter eggs to your trailer to give the fans extra experiences to anticipate
  • Add emotional value to collector or souvenir merchandise by adding a unique augmented reality experience that triggers from this merchandise
  • Connect your theater to Sizzle and allow your consumers to purchase their tickets remotely WITHOUT paying a ticket service charge
  • Create a digital treasure hunt using the Sizzle platform to pair your entertainment brand with large volume audience locations and make your augmented characters appear in their location as a stunt
  • Create augmented reality games that are themed to a theater or special film release
  • Create Sizzle Spin games themed to a theater or a special film release
  • Deliver augmented reality entertainment only experienced at your facility to drive new and repeat traffic to your locations
  • Deliver digital swag to an audience that has come to a live event, or a theater, or tuned in for a live broadcast to reward their participation
  • Generate monthly recurring revenue through subscription daily releases of comedy, inspiration, information, etc.
  • Get further mileage from your 3D assets by leveraging them in Sizzle, even if you have your own app
  • Leverage augmented reality to make a huge viral impression as everyone looks for your ad to watch the experience live in their Sizzle app
  • Geofence certain experiences so that they are only possible to experience while at the theater
  • Sell merchandise from the films inside Sizzle and deliver those items direct to the consumer so theater carries no merchandise
  • Sell products, props and wardrobe from the films direct to the consumer so theater carries no merchandise
  • Sizzle can make virtual characters jump out of the screen and populate in the Sizzle app
  • Sizzle delivers bonus AR content from specific film posters
  • Sizzle increases the ROI of advertising inside the theaters by making it instantly actionable or transactional
  • Sizzle’s branded expression engine dresses up a selfie with fun and engaging augmented reality digital scrapbook style overlays and experiences
  • Surpass language barriers with special promotions in Sizzle to target a specific language audience
  • Use Sizzle to deliver augmented reality theatrical standees that would be too expensive to manufacture, use for theater traffic and social sharing

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