Tradeshows And Business To Business

Sizzle is an invaluable partner and suite of tools and functionalities for trade shows and business to business events. Use the platform to elevate your brand experience, drive business traffic, convert sales leads, generate activations and engagement and forge a deeper bond with your existing customers. Here’s how Sizzle instantly performs under these types of opportunities:

  • Add prizing or awards to your tradeshow experience
  • Create immersive shopping experiences by building a themed shopping environment in augmented reality or virtual reality
  • Deliver paid, serialized content, such as instructional videos using the Sizzle pay wall
  • Deliver targeted, regionalized offers to a tradeshow
  • Make business collateral interactive, dynamic and innovative by connecting tradeshow ads, graphics, business cards and other materials to offers
  • Make white paper and contact information an easy download at the end of a seminar
  • Make your business card and sales collateral stand apart from the pack by adding Sizzle augmented reality, video, virtual reality tours, games, contests and other stimuli
  • Newsletter subscriptions increased
  • Sell your merchandise in areas of large volumes of people, without your carrying the physical product to those conventions, concerts, stadiums, airports or other locations.
  • Sizzle has the ability to bring back the icons of the past and insert them into new branded advertising, with permission included
  • Sizzle multilingual functionalities serve valuable resources
  • Sizzle’s branded expression engine dresses up a selfie with fun and engaging augmented reality digital scrapbook style overlays and experiences
  • The Sizzle app can instantly theme to your tradeshow upon the user hitting the convention center, allowing regionalized offers to dominate the Sizzle experience while on the property

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